Cooper Spa - treat yourself...


*Face Peeling With Papaya & Pumpkin Enzyme
     To restore your glow

*Hand Exfoliation
     With dead sea salt and plant extracts
*Hand Paraffin Treatment
     Loosens joints and moisturizes skin
*Foot Reflexology
     To balance the whole body system
*Foot Soak With Essential Oils
     To stimulate body healing

Regular $135
           You Pay Only $ 80 (Gratuity included)

Enzyme Facial $55
    Vegetable peel that allows deepest exfoliation, leaving the skin purified and soft with no irritation 

Collagen Facial $80
    Hydrates skin and minimizes wrinkles, rejuvenates tired and aging skin

Glycolic Facial $60
     Deep cleansing and exfoliation, accelerates the formation of new cells 

Dermalift Facial $55
     Cleanses skin and minimizes wrinkles using elastin and collagen

Herbal Pack Facial $50
     Lavender, rosemary, chamomile and flaxseed are used to soften and refine the skin

Back Facial $55
     Removes excess oil and blemishes while improving skin texture 

Thermo Mineral Facial $70
     To nourish, deep moisturize and provide youthfull elasticity and firm facial tissue

Seaweed Facial $75
     Balances oil glands, add minerals and restore moisture to the skin 

Keratolysis Facial $60
     Non-steam treatment to dissolve impurities, facilitating deep cleansing and renewal of the skin 

Microdermabrasion Facial $150 
     Deep peeling of the skin using diamond tip machine to correct acne, pigmentation and wrinkles

Adjusting Massage $75
     Therapeutic technique that puts cramped muscles in place and alleviates pain and discomfort

Swedish Massage $70
     Most relaxing way of distressing muscle tension and restoring your serenity

Brazilian Massage $90
     Deepest muscle work to eliminate body pain. Manipulates the third layer of the muscles down the bones to improve body functions 

Foot Reflexology $70 
     Detoxifies, increases circulation of the Blood and lymph, unblocks the meridians, healing the body           physically and emotionally

Geriatric Massage $65
     Designed specially for senior citizens. improves joints and muscle flexibility.

Prenatal Massage $70
     De-stress and help with aches and pains

Hot Stone Massage $120
     Ultimate way of balancing nervous system with pure relaxation

Hair Removal
Full Legs $45
Half Legs $20
Bikini $25
Brazilian Bikini $35
Brows $10
Lips/Chin $5
Stomach $20
Back $25
Lower Back $15
Full Arms $25
Underarms $12 

Body Treatment
Full Body Paraffin $79
     A warm mixture of vitamin E based oils is used to stimulate circulation, cleanse pores, soften skin, loosen joints, and relieve tension

Aromatherapy Cellulite Treatment $65
    Slimming body wrap designed to dissolve, adipose (fat) tissues, detoxify, refine and moisturize skin

Herbal Body Wrap $60
     A selection of plant extracts massaged on to the body to encourage the release of stored toxins, hydrates and rebalances the body

Dead Sea Salt Exfoliation $50
     Mixture of healing salt and essential oils massaged into the body to remove dead skin cells, moisturizes, improves circulation and destresses

Mud Body Wrap $75
     Mineral-rich dead sea substance to deep cleanse and detoxify the whole body system

Aromatherapy Body Wrap $50
     Soothing lavender and regenerating sage, are massaged into the body to regulate the nervous systems' metabolic functions and water balance, giving you back your serenity

Enzyme Body Wrap $85
     Double exfoliation to detoxify, purify and refine skin texture, making skin soft, moist and rejuvenated
Men's Services
Back Wax $30
Chest $35